Why do I need a mortgage broker?

28th March 2020

If you’re moving home and need a mortgage or are looking to remortgage your existing property, a specialist mortgage adviser can be your best ally and remove a significant element of stress from your moving process. You should always talk to an independent mortgage broker who isn’t tied to specific mortgage lenders and can recommend the best mortgage deals from the whole of the market.

An expert mortgage adviser will have experience of all types of mortgages and access to all the latest mortgage products, interest rates and incentives and can often get a better deal than you could if you went direct to the lender.

Your mortgage broker will provide you with an ‘Initial Disclosure Document’ that will outline all the services they proved and whether or not they can recommend all mortgages that are available on the market – some lenders only offer mortgages through certain brokers.

If you have unusual circumstances or specific requirements, appointing an independent mortgage adviser will always be your best bet. For example, if you’re self-employed and depend on irregular freelance earnings, commission or bonuses, if you’re a first-time buyer, need a bridging loan or are remortgaging – talk to a specialist mortgage adviser to ensure you receive the best advice.

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Recently completed our remortgage with Kev. Not only did he manage to save us over £100 per month but also in these uncertain times ensured that the remortgage was processed extremely quickly with the best lender. Thank you again Kevin and would highly recommend.

Richard T

April 2020

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