Why appointing an independent mortgage broker could be the best moving decision you make.

16th August 2021

Buying a new home and borrowing the money to do it are two of the most stressful life experiences you may ever endure. There is, however, an easier route to securing the finance you need to make your move – and make savings in the process.

A good independent mortgage broker will have a breadth of experience across the financial markets and, crucially, be a ‘whole-of-market’ mortgage advisor and not tied to a select panel of lenders whose rates may not represent the best deal for your requirements. Likewise, if you approach a high street bank or building society, they’ll only offer you mortgage products from their own range. But there are also other crucial reasons why appointing an independent mortgage broker could be the best moving decision you make, as Charters Financial Services’ Managing Director, Alain Amos, reveals.

‘An independent mortgage broker will take account of your bigger picture,’ he explains. ‘An experienced mortgage adviser will want to find a product that will fit your needs now and in the years ahead as your circumstances change. When it comes to securing the house of your dreams, time will be of the essence too – a good broker will want to get your mortgage application agreed in principle so you can proceed with confidence and in a more favourable position than other prospective purchasers.

It’s about relationships, personal service and getting you the very best deal

‘It’s also about relationships – your mortgage broker will be there for meetings in person and to talk to over the phone rather than offering a web-based process in which the insights and nuances of a personal interaction are lost. Your broker isn’t just here for your first mortgage application, we would always view this as the start of a relationship in which we’ll get to know you and go further to get you the very best deal for every move you make in the future.’

When speed is of the essence, as it so often is in the home buying process, an independent mortgage broker will also be on hand with personal customer service to get your mortgage offer out and over to your solicitor fast. The quicker you receive your offer, the less chance there’ll be of your transaction falling through further down the line.

You may be expected to pay a fee for a broker’s services, which will either be a percentage of the sum you’d like to borrow or a flat rate. Most borrowers agree the personal customer service and support provided more than justifies the charge and, in any event, the savings you could make on your mortgage deal may well offset the fee you pay.

If you’d like to get expert advice from the team of professional mortgage brokers at Charters Financial Services, please call 03454 500 200. To find out more about the different types of mortgage that are available, please visit our find the right mortgage page, or, to discover how much you could borrow for a new mortgage, click here.

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