Second Charge Loans

Want to raise funds using the equity in your home?

Our specialist business partners have the plan for you.


If you need to raise money for a special purchase or investment without remortgaging your home, our specialist business partners can help you secure a loan that will allow you to use the equity in your property to borrow a lump sum using your home as security in the form of a second charge.


Holding your hand through the whole process

Once our specialist business partners have found the right deal with the best interest rate for your needs, they’ll ensure your application is made quickly and seamlessly and hold your hand through the whole process.

If you would like more information about this, we can put you into with our specialist business partners.

Fantastic service, brilliant estate agents Charters have exceeded our expectations. Everyone at the office in Alton is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and proactive. We have been well looked after and kept up to date at every stage. I know that a lot of hard work must be going on behind the scenes but from our point of view the process of selling our house has been smooth and stress free. Viewings were lined up before our house was on the market and then it was sold within a few days of being online. What more could you ask for! I would highly recommend Charters to anyone wanting to sell their house without the added stress that you would expect from selling.

Mr & Mrs Woods

March 2020

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