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If you’re just starting out in the housing market and hoping to get a first foot on the property ladder, the process can seem daunting and difficult to navigate. We’re here with all the advice and support every first-time buyer needs to secure their first home.

Before you start hunting for your first home, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing you qualify for a great deal on a first-time buyer mortgage, so we’ll help you through the early questions and guide you through an affordability assessment to ensure you’re in the best position to start the application process.


We’ll find the right fit for you now and for the year ahead.

When you’re ready, we’ll talk you through all your options, including the latest deals and mortgage products that will be the right fit for you and your home now and in those first important years of home ownership when you’ll want to keep your costs down. We’ll explain what size deposit you’re likely to need and if you qualify for a Help to Buy mortgage that could make buying your first home more affordable.

Here are some other types of mortgage that might be suitable for you as a first-time buyer:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages

 You pay the same monthly payment for as long as your fixed-rate period lasts – when it ends you can apply for a remortgage to secure another competitive mortgage deal.

  • Tracker rate mortgages

A tracker rate mortgage will be linked to the Bank of England’s base rate. When the Bank of England base rate is low, your repayments will reflect this, and if the rate rises so will your monthly repayments.

  • Variable rate mortgage

As with tracker mortgages, your monthly repayments will be linked to the bank base rate so, when rates are low, your repayments will be low too, but will rise when rates go up.

  • Offset mortgages

These mortgages offset the interest on your savings against your home loan – talk to us to see if an offset mortgage will be making the most of your savings.


With so much to think about it’s easy to see why you need the help of a team of mortgage advisers on your side. We’re here when you’re ready to make your first step towards home ownership.

If you’d like to know more about the mortgage process or the different types of mortgages available, read our expert guides.


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