Buying a new build home

10th June 2020

Focusing on a new build property is another choice available to homebuyers – such as prioritising a detached property, townhouse, cottage or perhaps a bungalow. And, whereas some prefer to opt for period features or character charm in a second hand home, there is also the new build route – a blank canvas to put your own mark on it.

Weighing up the pros and cons of both is the best way to decide which route to take and here are some advantages if you decide to buy a new build.


There are various Help To Buy schemes available to you. Help to Buy is a government initiative that’s helping first-time buyers and those moving home buy a brand-new home with just a 5% deposit. As long as the property you want to buy is a new-build home valued at less than £600,000, you could qualify for the scheme.

We’ll talk you through our lenders’ criteria and find the right product for you so you can start looking for your perfect home with absolute confidence and peace of mind.


This can be a very attractive reason to choose a new build home – removing a sometimes-stressful element of moving property. Alleviating the chain means you stay in control and won’t be at the mercy of other buyers and the house is ready to move into!


The property will be untouched by any previous owners, leaving you with a blank canvas to work with and style up as your own.


New build homes come with a 10-year protected warranty, so if anything went wrong, you’re covered for up to 10 years. This, obviously, isn’t the case when you built a ‘second hand’ home.


The day to day running of a household can be quite expensive once you’ve broken it down by electricity, water rates, heating etc. All new builds are built to the latest building standards, which includes water-saving sysstems, low CO2 emmissions, double-glazed windows, energy efficient boilers and insulation. New builds will be cheaper to run and maintain and the common sense approach to take.


New build houses are built to an excellent quality, from the new fixtures and fittings to lightweight trusses in the roof, double glazed windows and insulated walls. The builders also work closely with local planners and the Environmental Agency to ensure they are creating a development that isn’t at risk of flooding.

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Thank you to the Charters team for their help with our Mortgage. Mark was a huge help, professional and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to navigate the house buying process. Thank you all!

Adam K

November 2020

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